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Evaluating Impact: Is Faith-Based Funding Making a Difference?

In the vast arena of philanthropy, faith-based funding stands out for its unique approach to addressing social issues through the lens of spiritual commitments and moral imperatives. As an indispensable segment of the nonprofit funding landscape, faith-based organizations (FBOs) contribute significantly to social services, education, healthcare, and international aid. But the pivotal question that both supporters and critics of faith-based …

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Unlocking the Treasure Trove: Innovative Strategies for Securing Grants in the Nonprofit Realm

Welcome to the Grants Club community blog, where our mission mirrors the investigative depth and analytical prowess of The New York Times, tailored for the vibrant sphere of grantsmanship. In this edition, we delve into the art and science of acquiring funding, sharing insight that resonates with researchers, nonprofit professionals, and avid grant seekers alike. As the search for funding …

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Shifting Tides: Navigating Government Policy Changes in the Grant Funding Seascape

In the ever-evolving world of grant funding, the impact of government policy changes can ripple through the cores of nonprofit organizations and academic institutions. As an entity that directly benefits from, or depends on, public and private grants, keeping abreast of policy alterations at the federal, state, or local levels is paramount. With recent shifts in administration and the socio-political …

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