Post-Pandemic Adaptation

Future-Proofing Nonprofit Funding: Anticipating Changes in Grant Eligibility Post-Pandemic

As the nonprofit sector emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, there is an anticipation mixed with anxiety about the evolving landscape of grant funding. The world is not the same, and neither are the conditions that define grant eligibility. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for nonprofit professionals and organizations that depend on grants for their operations …

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The Shifting Landscape of Grant Eligibility: Navigating New Norms in Post-Pandemic Philanthropy

As the world slowly emerges from the cocoon of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations find themselves in a vastly different philanthropic landscape compared to the pre-pandemic era. With changes in grant eligibility criteria and priorities, nonprofits must navigate this new terrain with agility and foresight. The pandemic has catalyzed a reevaluation of funding frameworks, placing a spotlight on diversity, equity, …

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Public Trust in Philanthropy: How Transparency in Grantmaking Builds Stronger Communities

In an era where trust in institutions is wavering, transparency has emerged as a linchpin in rebuilding public faith, particularly within the philanthropic sector. As grantmakers, we are stewards of not only financial resources but also of hope and commitment to societal progress. Our actions and methodologies are under scrutiny, and rightfully so, as they reflect our dedication to advancing …

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