Impact Investing

Innovative Grantmaking: Beyond Traditional Models to Drive Social Change

In a world where social issues are increasingly complex and interconnected, traditional grantmaking practices are meeting their limits. As a result, a new wave of innovative grantmaking models is emerging, aiming not only to fund but also to empower, sustain, and revolutionize the vital work of nonprofits. At the forefront of this movement is participatory grantmaking – a democratic approach …

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Emerging Trends in Nonprofit Funding: A Shift Towards Sustainability and Impact Investing

As the priorities of funders continue to evolve, a significant trend has emerged in the nonprofit funding arena, one that aligns closely with the growing global conscience around sustainability and socially responsible investing. A novel paradigm is taking hold, where the once-clear boundaries between philanthropy and investment are becoming increasingly blurred. This shift sees funders seeking not just social impact …

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The Future of Nonprofit Funding: Navigating the Shift Towards Impact Investing

In the ever-evolving world of nonprofit funding, a seismic shift is underway. The traditional grantmaking model, whereby nonprofits rely on donations and grants to finance their philanthropic activities, is being complemented—and in some cases, supplanted—by a new player: impact investing. This novel approach to funding combines the intention to generate social and environmental impact with the pursuit of financial returns, …

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