Impact Evaluation

Stewardship in Grantmaking: Ensuring Impact Beyond the Check

When we think of grants, we often picture the immediate financial boost they provide to nonprofit initiatives, research projects, and social programs. However, truly effective grantmaking extends far beyond the initial transaction. It’s about stewardship—nurturing and guiding the project to ensure it achieves its maximum potential impact. This is a vital conversation in the grants community, one that parallels the …

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The Role of Grants in Promoting Social Justice: Are We Doing Enough?

In an era marked by profound social challenges and inequalities, grants are often seen as critical tools for promoting social justice. As a Labor Union Representative with extensive experience in advocating for workers’ rights and equality, I have seen firsthand the potential impact that well-allocated grant funds can have on marginalized communities. Yet the question remains: Are we doing enough …

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Bridging the Gap: How Tech Innovations Elevate Grant Acquisition for Nonprofits

In a world where the pulse of progress is intrinsically tied to technological evolution, nonprofit organizations are increasingly finding themselves at a crossroads. The age-old challenge of securing sufficient funding is being met with groundbreaking solutions, as emerging technologies redefine the terrain of grant accessibility. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for the nonprofit sector. AI-driven …

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