Impact Assessment

The Role of Data Analytics in Revolutionizing Grant Impact Assessments

In a world where data is the undisputed sovereign, the non-profit sector stands at the brink of a transformative era—one where advanced analytics not only informs strategic decision-making but also reshapes the very fabric of grant impact assessments. As researchers and non-profit professionals, we are at the cusp of harnessing data’s full potential to measure success, optimize program delivery, and …

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Evaluating Impact: Is Faith-Based Funding Making a Difference?

In the vast arena of philanthropy, faith-based funding stands out for its unique approach to addressing social issues through the lens of spiritual commitments and moral imperatives. As an indispensable segment of the nonprofit funding landscape, faith-based organizations (FBOs) contribute significantly to social services, education, healthcare, and international aid. But the pivotal question that both supporters and critics of faith-based …

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