Grant-Making Trends

Bridging the Skills Gap: How Continuous Learning Can Revolutionize Grant-Making

In an ever-evolving landscape of philanthropy and funding, professionals in the grants and donations sector are finding that continuous learning isn’t just beneficial—it’s necessary. The proficiency of individuals operating within non-profit organizations, from researchers to fund managers, has a significant impact on both the efficiency and the effectiveness of grant-making. As the demands of the sector intensify, the need for …

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Emerging Trends in Nonprofit Funding: A Shift Towards Sustainability and Impact Investing

As the priorities of funders continue to evolve, a significant trend has emerged in the nonprofit funding arena, one that aligns closely with the growing global conscience around sustainability and socially responsible investing. A novel paradigm is taking hold, where the once-clear boundaries between philanthropy and investment are becoming increasingly blurred. This shift sees funders seeking not just social impact …

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