Funding Research

Bridging the Skills Gap: How Continuous Learning Can Revolutionize Grant-Making

In an ever-evolving landscape of philanthropy and funding, professionals in the grants and donations sector are finding that continuous learning isn’t just beneficial—it’s necessary. The proficiency of individuals operating within non-profit organizations, from researchers to fund managers, has a significant impact on both the efficiency and the effectiveness of grant-making. As the demands of the sector intensify, the need for …

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The Role of Research in Securing Grants: Maximizing Your Nonprofit’s Potential

In the dynamic field of nonprofit work, securing grants is akin to an art form – one that requires not only creativity and passion but also a strong foundation in evidence-based research. At Grants Club, we understand the pivotal role research plays in acquiring the funding that powers your mission. Why is research so critical, you ask? Let’s delve into …

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