Faith-Based Funding

Evaluating Impact: Is Faith-Based Funding Making a Difference?

In the vast arena of philanthropy, faith-based funding stands out for its unique approach to addressing social issues through the lens of spiritual commitments and moral imperatives. As an indispensable segment of the nonprofit funding landscape, faith-based organizations (FBOs) contribute significantly to social services, education, healthcare, and international aid. But the pivotal question that both supporters and critics of faith-based …

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The Intersection of Faith and Finance: Ethical Dilemmas in Faith-Based Funding

In the realm of non-profit funding, the collaboration between faith-based organizations and non-profit endeavours often creates a unique landscape where mission, money, and morality intersect. As a Faith-Based Funding Expert, this juncture has continually intrigued and challenged me. The ethical considerations in the pursuit and utilization of faith-based funding are numerous and complex, raising questions that cannot be ignored: How …

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