Community Building

The Role of Research in Grant Funding: Driving Impactful Social Change

In the landscape of grant funding, the competition for resources is intense. Every year, thousands of nonprofits and research institutions vie for financial support to tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges. Yet, the reservoir of available funds does not match the ocean of need. How do we navigate these waters? The compass pointing the way forward is research. Comprehensive, …

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Bridging the Gap: Ensuring Equitable Grant Opportunities for Nonprofits Serving Marginalized Disability Communities

In an ideal world, the allocation of grant funding would be as equitable as the values that many nonprofits stand for—universal, inclusive, and unbiased. Yet, we exist in a reality where systemic barriers often place nonprofits serving marginalized disability communities at a significant disadvantage in the race for grants. These organizations strive tirelessly to be the vital lifeline for individuals …

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